“ Vielleicht geht es gar nicht um das Offensichtliche. Vielleicht geht es um das, was man sonst nicht sieht. ”

—    Gronkh, To The Moon

Und irgendwie haben wir doch alle diesen einen Menschen, über den wir nie wirklich hinweg kommen werden..

“ I don’t care that you got into drugs for three months straight, or how much sleep you lost in that period. I don’t care that you went home and fucked that person and woke up at 6am hating everything about yourself, or that you smoked so much you sounded as though your lungs were giving out.

You’re not a bad person for the ways you tried to kill your sadness.

You’re just human, and being human means you need to survive and you do so whichever way you deem fit, fuck everyone else.